Members making temporary roof repairs

Assisting the Ambulance service with a cow stuck in Mullet Creek

The two Wollongong City Units comprises around 110 volunteer members who provide immediate assistance to the City of Wollongong, which extends from Waterfall in the north to Yallah in the south and is home to around 190,000 people. Our members are available to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist the community in any natural or man-made emergency.

Our Core role

Our core role is to provide emergency assistance during flood, storm and tsunami events. We make temporary repairs to buildings damaged during storms, rescue people who are endangered, trapped or injured by floods or storms and evacuate those whose properties are threatened or made uninhabitable due to these events.

As well as providing an emergency response to flood and storm events we also work to help lessen their impact on the community by preparing plans, working with the Bureau of Meteorology to develop and disseminate warnings and providing community education.

Our Rescue role

We are accredited by the State Rescue Boardfor Flood Rescue (Level 3) and Vertical Rescue.

Our Support role

The NSW SES also provides assistance to other Emergency Services when they need it. Our Unit has a good working relationship with the other Emergency Service organisations in the Wollongong area so we have quite an active support role. Our most common support task is to the Police in searching for missing persons or for evidence at a crime scene.

Some other tasks that we provide support for in is assisting with shoring up buildings damaged by vehicles and providing support during bushfires for things like evacuations, transporting personnel and equipment and assisting with road closures.

The worst in nature, the best in us