Our Unit's current vehicle types

Our smaller Flood Rescue Boat during a training day on Mullet Creek
The Wollongong Unit has eight vehicles:
  • A Mitsubishi Canter 4WD light truck - heavy storm damage response.
  • Two dual-cab Rodeo 4WD Utilities - light storm damage response.
  • A dual-cab Mitsubishi Triton 4WD utility - vertical and flood rescue.
  • Two dual-cab Volkswagen Amarok 4WD Utilities - general purpose logistics.
  • A dual-cab Mitsubishi Triton 4WD utility - command.
  • A Toyota Hiace Mini-bus - transport.

The Coniston Unit has two vehicles:
  • A dual-cab Rodeo 4WD Utility - light storm damage response.
  • A Volkswagen Amarok 4WD Utility - general purpose logistics.

The Units also have a number of Flood Rescue Boats and storm damage response trailers.

Our primary role is in responding to storm and flood damage so our vehicles are equipped with equipment that is commonly needed for this purpose:
  • Flood rescue equipment
  • Tarpaulins and temporary covering
  • Hand and Battery-operated power tools
  • Chainsaws and Pole-saws
  • Ropes, slings and a Tirfor style winch
  • Ladders and safety equipment for working on roofs
  • Petrol-driven pump & hoses
  • A generator and lighting equipment

We also have a fully equipped Field Operations Centre caravan

In addition to our Storm damage equipment the Unit is equipped to provide a rescue response to assist at major incidents. The type of equipment that we have at our disposal to perform this role includes:
  • Numerous First Aid kits, blankets and a variety of stretchers
  • Natural-fibre and Synthetic static rescue cordage in a variety of lengths and thicknesses
  • Winches, pulleys, slings and associated hauling equipment
  • Hand-operated hydraulic and air-bag lifting equipment
  • Hand and power tools, acro-props and a variety of timber for shoring and stablising
  • Various size generators and lighting equipment
  • A full complement of vertical rescue equipment for performing hight and depth access and rescue
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