About the Map Reading Assessment at NavRescue


For a number of year's we've provided the opportunity to use the NavRescue event as an assessment opportunity for the SES Map Reading and Navigation training package (PUAOPE004A Navigate in urban and rural environments). It continues to prove popular with many Units that regularly participate in NavRescue scheduling training in Map Reading and Navigation before NavRescue and using the event as the assessment for it.

How does it work?

The formal assessment guide describes two assessment scenarios and we have worked with the Learning and Development team at State Headquarters to adapt these to NavRescue:
  1. Assessment scenario 1 comprises mapping, planning and contingency management and will be conducted on the Friday evening at the camp site before the event. This activity is done in pairs but will also involve some individual questioning to verify underpinning knowledge. It should take approx' 2.5 hours depending on the number of people being assessed and is based on the local Wollongong topographic map. (A relevant map, RFA's and route cards will be supplied by Wollongong SES)
  2. Assessment scenario 2, comprising route planning and cross-country navigation, its covered by the actual participation in the event on the Saturday, and you must navigate to a minimum of four checkpoints on the course. As it is not possible to allocate an assessor to each team we require that the Team Leader is someone who currently holds the Map Reading and Navigation qualification and is willing to supervise the candidates in the team being assessed. As part of scenario the candidate is required to undertake a map resection, since an assessor isn't present the candidates assessment sheet will be marked as 'not being assessed' in this component.

What we need from you? (i.e. The "Paperwork")

  1. Firstly, after you've registered your team send us an email to let us know which members would like to be assessed at NavRescue
  2. Each candidate for assessment must bring along their Progressive Learning Record (PLR) signed by their Trainer and an Evidence Summary Sheet (ESS) on the Friday night.
  3. Each candidate needs to bring their own compass, pens and working paper.
  4. At the end of the event on Saturday we will need the Team Leader to give us a form confirming that the candidates all participated in the navigation on the day and a completed route card for route that the team took (these will be provided during registration).

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