The 2004 winning team from Waverley/Woolahra SES

A team participating in a First Aid activity at the 2004 event

NavRescue offers emergency services and outdoor organisations a one-day bush navigation and initiative course. The event seeks to stimulate and test teamwork, initiative and basic rescue-oriented skills in an atmosphere of friendly competition. The winning team takes home the Wollongong City Navigation and Rescue Shield. All the participants take home great memories.

The Event

The NavRescue event is held on the third Saturday in September each year in bushland near Wollongong. Teams navigate using grid references, topographical maps and compasses to pre-determined checkpoints gaining points along the way.

At some of the checkpoints, teams must perform rescue-oriented or team-building tasks lasting about 10 minutes. At each of these stations, experienced assessors award them points based on how they complete the tasks. The activities test skills such as teamwork, initiative, first aid, observation, and incident management. Because of the variety of organisations that compete, no specialist skills are required.

The competition starts at 0800 and runs for eight hours. A dinner and presentation of awards follows.

Special note: You can use the NavRescue event as your assessment in Map Reading and Navigation, provided you do the theory component on the Friday night before the event. Email the NavRescue staff to find out more.

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