New recruits enjoying a team-building activity as part of their Induction training

Being an SES member is not for everyone - it requires a certain level of commitment to ensure that you are well trained and actively contribute to Unit activities. Volunteering with any emergency service is a little different than volunteer work - emergencies can happen at any time and we have to be able to respond to them when they happen. It's not really something you can do when you have an hour or two to spare when it's convenient to you.

Whatever your fitness level, background, skills, or training you can contribute to the Unit in many ways. Whilst most people join to do field/response work there are many areas that members can contribute including operations management, communications, training, administration, logistics, community education, fundraising, catering, equipment and vehicle maintenance or planning.

When you're part of the Wollongong City SES Unit you play a vital role in creating a safer community. The people and businesses of the Wollongong area rely on us to help them prepare for, cope with, and recover from emergencies. When you contribute your time and talents, you make everyone stronger.

Wollongong City SES offers you a unique opportunity to increase your own skills and experience, with top-quality training in rescue, bushcraft, storm-damage repair, first aid, emergency management and a wide variety of other areas. Our training includes outdoor adventures like bushwalking, caving and canyoning, and abseiling, as well as rescue competitions. Each individual chooses the pace and intensity of his or her own training, and safety is always the primary concern.

Our callouts, weekly training nights, exercises, and social activities offer plenty of opportunities to meet new people and become part of a team.

We have two intakes of new members per year - February for our Wollongong Unit and May for our Coniston Unit. If you would like to join or register for our next intake please visit Volunteer with NSW SES .

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